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01/13/12 - End of season clearance sale has been extended!

From now until Valentines Day enjoy savings that are sure to get you out there to squeeze the last remaining days of the season. Everything from Kayak Carriers to Bike Carriers and Cargo Carriers, roof mounted or trunk mounted. Rack & GO has you covered!

Kayak Carriers from $89.99

Roof Mounted Bike Carriers from $114.99

Trunk Mounted Bike Carriers from $164.99

* While supplies last. Cannot be combined with any other offer. In-stock units only, no rainchecks. All sales FINAL.

09/07/11 - Rack & GO Hamburger Ride 2011

Rack & Go is pleased to announce our first annual Hamburger Ride. Rack & Go has been a long time supporter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through our efforts to support the Westchester Triathlon and local Team in Training chapters. Come out for some exercise and beautiful fall foliage and help us lend support to this great organization on Sunday October 2nd, 2011. The ride is open to all ages and skill levels. There will be a bike mechanic and ride leaders on staff donating their time, help & knowledge to get you and your bike ride ready and to have a safe, successful ride. The ride will depart promptly at 9:00am, although we ask that you show up no later than 8:15am to sign up & register. The ride is about 25 miles in total through some beautiful sections of Sleepy Hollow and Briarcliff. Depending on the mix of slow to moderate paces and some hills the ride should last approximately 2 hours concluding back at the starting point.

After which we will be serving free hamburgers and refreshments. (Get it? Hamburger Ride!)

We'd love to get an early head count so to RSVP email us at: RSVP@rackandgo.com to guarantee a spot and tell us your preferred t-shirt size if you plan on donating.

We will have commemorative t-shirts for sale ranging from $20 to $45 dollars with ALL proceeds going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We'd love you to come out and join our Hamburger ride on October 2nd… But if you cannot make it, purchase a commemorative Rack & GO "Show us Your Buns" T-Shirt and help support Leukemia & Lymphoma research…by going to our shop: Show Us Your Buns! for the short sleeved T-Shirt or to: Show Us Your Buns 2! for the long sleeved T-Shirt

For more information about Team in Training or the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society visit: Team in Training or Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

04/22/11 - GOGetHitched by Rack & GO!

Announcing 4 new Hitch Installation facilities available NEAR YOU for your convenience.  Rack & GO now has hitch sales and installation services in NJ, LI and CT. Check out the GoGetHitched Locations and see what works for you!  Just call 855-517-RACK and speak with one of our Open Road Team Specialists to configure your car and make an appointment.  We will meet you at the installation facility and get you Hitched and on the GO in no time.  Need a bike rack, basket or box for the hitch? ... Of course we have you covered.  Just let one of our Open Road Team Specialists know when you call and we will work to insure we outfit you with the right rack or basket or box for your needs.

04/15/11 - Rack & GO Pre-Season Sale on Yakima Products

Save 20% on select Yakima bike, boat and kayak carriers.  Get Racked & Ready to GO before the Summer catches up with you.  Take advantage of our pre-season pricing on some of Yakima's rooftop, rear-of-car and hitch mounted bike racks as well as kayak and canoe carriers. Check out the SAVINGS at Yakima Spring Savings!

04/01/11 - Expert Installation on the GO!

Introducing the GO Car… coming to a neighborhood near you!  You may have seen our funky little Flex Fuel GO Car out and about in Westchester, NJ, Manhattan or Long Island recently and no you are not imagining things.  Rack & GO is now Mobile!  Call us at 866-517-RACK or visit our GOShop and make a purchase.  Choose XPress Service and for a nominal fee we'll come to your home or office and install your rack system and/or accessories on the spot.  Rack & GO Racks Your World! 

02/23/10 - Rack & GO Has MOVED!

Rack & GO has MOVED!  Thanks to your support these past 3 years Rack & GO is on the MOVE!  Our new location is just 2 miles away 420 Tarrytown Rd (Rte 119) right next door to AutoZone and across the street from KMart… Get Directions.

01/04/08 - Gary Green Car featured on News12 Westchester!

Click on Gary below to visit GaryGreenCar.com and learn more about Gary and his friends in their first ever adventure "Green Cars Are Good" and of course his latest interview on News12 Westchester.  Plus, you'll see a sneak preview of his upcoming book cover as well as pictures of all his friends who help him out along the way.

12/13/07 - Rack & Go's Guide to Safe and Effective Road Travel



Follow these steps to safely transport all of your Easter eggs and gear to Grandma's house this Spring!

1. Understand what the options are for your car.

Take a look at your car or SUV's roof.  Does it have factory rails?  Does it have a factory rack? 
Or do you just have a roof with nothing at all?

a. Factory rails are the molded pieces that run parallel to each other along the edges of the rooftop. 
          If that is the case, then you will still need "cross bars" in order to carry your gear.

b. A factory rack is the factory rails with "cross bars" that run across the roof, connecting the two
          rails, in which case you will be able to carry most of your gear with standard aftermarket
          equipment (cargo bags, baskets, boxes, ski and snowboard carriers).

c. Nothing on your roof, means that your roof has no attachments and is shiny and smooth. 
          In order to get your gear, gifts and gadgets from here to there you will need an aftermarket
          kit specially designed to fit the roof of your car.

If any of the above apply you can carry cargo effectively.  Armed with this knowledge, however, you will
be able to better negotiate the multitude of options available for you to stow and go.  Understanding what
your car is equipped with, will save you time and return trips to the store to purchase the right rack product
the first time out.

2. Look underneath your car's rear bumper to see if there is a receiver hitch installed. 

A hitch comes in many shapes and sizes.  If you are not sure if you have one or not, consult your owner's
manual or call your dealer.  If you do have a hitch, the next step is to find out if it is a 1-1/4" or 2" hitch,
as different products will be available to you depending on the size of your hitch.

A popular misconception is that all cargo must be carried on the roof.  This effectively eliminates a lot of
people who either have ceiling height issues in their garage or are intimidated about lifting items above
their head onto the roof of their car.  There are a variety of cargo boxes and bike/ski racks that are
"hitch-mounted" off the back of the car. 

The benefits of carrying your cargo off the rear of the car are many.  Besides not having to lift heavy
objects onto the roof of your vehicle or worrying about low bridges, tunnels or parking garages, you are
also helping the environment and saving money on gas because "hitch-mounted" products are more aero-
dynamic and will cause less drag on your vehicle at high speeds on the highway.

If you do not have a hitch, but like the idea, they can be purchased and installed on most makes
and models of vehicles.

3. Make a detailed list of everything you plan on carrying. 

Take into consideration the sizes and shapes of the different things you will be bringing with you as
well as the weights of the items.  Are you carrying items that are odd shaped?  If you are carrying
skis, how long are they?  If you are carrying snowboards, will they have bindings on them? 

These are all factors that will help to determine what cargo product will work best for you.  If the items
you are carrying are odd shaped, maybe a cargo bag that can be stuffed would be better then a hard-
shelled box!  If you need to carry down-hill or Nordic skis and boots and gear, a longer box might be the
better route to go… and if you need to carry all of the above, you probably need longer load bars to hold
a box and ski/snowboard carrier.  Again, armed with the right information for your needs, a good sales
person will be able to get you on the road with your gear safely and securely stowed away.

4. Security is an important point to consider when traveling with all your valuable gear in tow. 

Are you taking a long trip, requiring an overnight stop?  The last thing you want to deal with is taking
everything off the car when you pull into a motel lot late at night!  Are you planning on driving to the
ski resort each morning? Why deal with lugging your skis to your room, when they can be safely stored
on the roof of the car? 

Locks can be purchased for the racks, hitches, boxes and ski/snowboard/bike carriers so that your gear
will be securely locked to the roof or rear of your car when you are not nearby, allowing you the freedom
and flexibility to enjoy your holiday with out becoming a pack mule, lugging your stuff everywhere you go!

5. Last, but not least, think about your Planet. 

If you pre-plan your road trip either by mapping it out, or using a GPS you can pick the shortest, quickest
and least trafficked road.  You are not only less likely to get lost, but you can save on gas and emit fewer
harmful toxins.  Also consider renting a hybrid for your road trip this holiday season.  There are a lot of car
rental companies and organizations like Better World Club offering hybrids now.  And definitely drive the
speed limit!  Not only will you arrive safely, but you will conserve your fuel…

In the season of giving, take an opportunity to give back to the Planet!

For more information on how to Rack Your World please visit http://www.RackandGO.com, call Rack & GO and
speak with one of our Open Road Specialists (866.517.RACK) or stop by our White Plains showroom at
420-B Tarrytown Rd, located across from the KMart Shopping Plaza on Rte 119, off exit 4 on I-287.