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How fast can I drive with my gear mounted to car?

There is no general rule. Transporting items of various weights, shapes and sizes alter the way your car behaves in certain situations. Speed should be adjusted to suit the load being carried, other parameters such as road conditions, wind, traffic intensity and so on, and of course, traffic regulations as well. With a load on the roof, the vehicle's driving characteristics, its braking performance and its sensitivity to side-winds may change.

What is the best way to load my cargo box?

First load the heavy objects as centrally as possible in order to distribute the weight of your load evenly on the load carrier and the car. Take care that the load does not obstruct the closing of the lid in order to prevent any malfunctioning of the locking system. The permissible gross vehicle weight may not be exceeded. Observe the maximum roof load prescribed by the car manufacturer. All pieces of baggage must be secured to prevent them from moving. Please use special ski holders and straps. Always fasten skis and snowboards to the ski holders with the front ends pointing to the rear. In summer the ski holders can be used as compartment dividers. They prevent objects from moving and are practical anyway, e.g. for separating clean objects from dirty ones. Provide luggage which should not get damp with an additional protection (e.g. plastic bags).

How much can I load? Are there any weight or dimension limitations?

The maximum load given in the mounting instruction is not to be exceeded. The car manufacturer's instruction for maximum roof load shall also be observed and followed. It is always the lower limit that applies. Maximum roof load = load carrier weight + any accessory + the weight of the load itself.

The load shall be secured properly using tensioning straps or similar. Elastic "bungies" are NOT to be used. The load put into a roof box should also be secured with straps. Most of the weight should be placed in the middle of the box. The load should not significantly go outside, beyond the load bars in width, it should be distributed evenly across the load carriers and with the lowest possible centre of gravity. Any part of the load that goes outside, beyond the car to the front or rear should be marked in strict accordance with the applicable law.

When carrying surfboards or other long objects (which may generate considerable lift forces) such loads shall be anchored securely at the front and rear of the vehicle as well. If several surfboards are being transported, they should not be placed beside each other but one upon the other in order to reduce lift forces. If surfboards with removable fins are being transported, the fins should first be removed. Skis should be transported with the pointed tip facing rearwards. Always check the load to ensure it is securely fastened.

Are there any locking options for my rack and accessories?

Many products come lockable as standard, while other products gives you the option to add locks. The lock cores and keys are numbered making it simple to add lockable accessories to the load carrier. By changing all lock cores, you can use the same key for all locks - load carrier, accessories and roof box. For bulky items, such as canoes, surf boards, etc. There is a cable lock option.



What do I do if I have lost the fitting instruction for my Thule product?

Fitting instructions can be downloaded from www.thule.com. Look in the product pages, the Roof Rack Guide, or use the Search function. You can also contact us directly for assistance in getting a new fitting instruction.

To which cars can the Thule products be fitted?

Whatever car you are driving, there is almost always a Thule load carrier to suit it. A complete load carrier consists of two carrier bars and four feet that are matched to a particular car model. We have five basic load carrier designs: - Load carriers for cars without rain gutters: Fits most modern cars, with a special kit. - Load carriers for cars with roof rails: Common on estate cars. - Load carriers for cars with fixed attachment points in the car body. - Load carriers for cars with rain gutters: Fits most older cars. - Load carriers for cars with factory fitted T-track. For details on each specific car model, consult the Thule Roof Rack Guide.

How do I assemble and mount the Thule products to the car? Inside each product package, Thule encloses a set of mounting instructions which thoroughly explain both in text and pictures how to assemble and mount the product step by step. Follow it carefully! Should you loose the mounting instructions, you can download them from www.thule.com; simply go to the product page for your product, or use the search function.

Which Roof Box is the right one for me?

What do you want to transport? Long objects such as skis, snowboards etc. belong in (long) ski boxes. A (short) luggage box is sufficient for suitcases, camping equipment, golf bags or rucksacks. The size depends on how much luggage you want to carry. Luggage boxes and ski boxes are available in different sizes and capacities. If you do not need your box very frequently, a simple box would be your loyal companion. If you have higher demands in terms of safety, comfort and design you should choose a high-quality box.



What are Q clips and Q Towers?

Q Clips and Q Towers are part of a base rack solution for vehicles that do not have any factory rack equipment installed on the roof. For instance, if you are looking for a way to carry a kayak on your Honda Accord, you will need this base rack system as a starting point. Here are the basics for how it works: the Q clips clip into your door frame and attach to your Q towers. The Q towers sit on your roof and hold your crossbars. Your crossbars hold racks that hold your toys.

Does Yakima have a fit for every car?

We try our best to rack every car, but that is not always possible. Sometimes we find that there is no way to fit a particular vehicle; in this case, we list that vehicle as a "No Fit" or "unYakable." To see if we have a fit for your vehicle click here to be connected to our fit configurator. If you do not find a fit on our configurator check back and hopefully we will have one available soon. Our dedicated Fit Team works year-round testing our racks on new vehicles. They add the new fits to the configurator as soon as the vehicles are tested.

I checked the Fit Configurator and it said that my vehicle is a No Fit – Without Custom Installation. What exactly are my options?

A custom installation involves drilling into the vehicle so not everyone feels comfortable with a custom install. However, if you have an "unYakable" vehicle these permanent solutions can save the day. We here at Rack and Go do custom installs on site.

The most common custom rack solution is a set of tracks, which utilize the Control Towers and Landing Pad 1's. Another option is Landing Pad 6(for fiberglass) or Landing Pad 7 (for steel) which also utilize the Control Towers and mount in a fixed position. The tracks are more expensive but have the ability to be adjusted, whereas the LP 6/7 is fixed in one place. You could also install fixed brackets (Side Loader, Wide Body or TopLoader Brackets) which create a rain gutter-type structure and utilize the 1A Rain gutter Towers. The TopLoader Brackets also work with Q-towers with the Q-41 clip.

If you decide to customize a rack, it is a good idea to contact us first, if possible, and ask us about the integrity of the roof of your vehicle for your purposes (weight, capacity etc.) You may also want to ask us if the warranty will be affected by the custom installation.

What Yakima Accessories will work with the Whispbar racks?

Bike Mounts: ForkLift, Frontloader, Raptor Aero. The following will fit with the Universal MightyMounts: HighRoller, Raptor, and Wheel fork

Cargo Boxes: All boxes will fit the Whispbar bar

Ski Mounts: FatCat 4 & 6, PowderHound & Big PowderHound

Water sports: BowDown, BigStack, Mako Aero, Hullraiser Aero, WaveHog, ShowBoat. The following will fit with the Universal MightyMounts: LandShark, HullyRoller.